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On behalf of the Members of the Board of the Press Club Brussels Europe, I wish you a wonderful and inspiring year 2018. In 2017, we beat a new record with more than 350 events. 2018 will be a particulary exciting year for the Press Club with the beginning next May of our two years Presidency of the International Association of Press Clubs. It’s a great honour for our Press Club after just 7 years...
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Prix Louise Weiss du Journalisme Européen

Si vous êtes journaliste et vous avez publié un sujet sur l’Europe, le Club de la Presse Francophone vous invite à participez au prix Louise Weiss du journalisme européen. Pour la 12ème année, l’Association des journalistes européens (AJE) organise le Prix Louise Weiss du journalisme européen. Soutenu par le ministère des Affaires européennes et la Fondation Hippocrène, le Prix Louise W...
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Les élus belges de la diaspora dénoncent les traitements inhumains infligés aux migrants en Lybie

Le mardi 28 novembre, les élus belges de la diaspora, Bertin Mampaka (Sénateur), Pierre Kompany (Député Bruxellois), Isabelle Kibassa-Maliba (Députée provinciale du Brabant Wallon) et Fatoumata Sidibé (Député Bruxelloise) ont organisé un point presse pour dénoncer les traitements inhumains et dégradants infligés aux migrants en Libye. Pour eux, aujourd’hui, il est inacceptable que des hommes, des ...
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EU-Asia Centre panel discussion on ASEM, EAS and EU-ASEAN relations

On 23 November the EU-Asia Centre organised a panel discussion on ASEM, EAS and EU-ASEAN relations. In his introductory remarks, Fraser Cameron, Director of EU-Asia Centre, underscored the timely opportunity it provided to discuss the outcomes of the 12th East Asia Summit (EAS), the EU-ASEAN 40th commemorative summit in Manila, as well as the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) ministerial meeting in Myanm...
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Club de Madrid & Breathrough Media partners with the EU to improve counter-narrative responses

Former Prime Minister of Tunisia and World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid Member, Hamadi Jebali, and Joëlle Milquet, Special Advisor to the President of the European Commission on victims of Terrorism and former Belgian Deputy Prime Minister meet  in the Press Club Brussels Europe on Wednesday, 15th of November
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Brexit, No Exit. Why (in the End) Britain Will Not Leave Europe

On the 11th of October, the Press Club Brussels Europe organized a book launch by the author Denis MacShane ‘Brexit, No Exit. Why (in the End) Britain Will Not Leave Europe’ published by IB Tauris Denis MacShane is a former UK Europe Minister under Tony Blair, who wrote an earlier book in January 2015 ‘Brexit: How Britain will leave Europe’. That book controversially predicted the outcome...
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