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Voxeurop launched new website and membership offers

We are happy to present the new ​Voxeurop ​ ! After more than ten years, the website needed an update. We used the launch of our subscription offers as an opportunity to completely revamp the visual identity and layout of ​Voxeurop ​ . The new site is not only more modern but also easier to access and to read. Navigation of the more than 8,000 articles in our archive is now more intuitive, and new...
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Emergency Appeal for Journalism and Media Support

To mark World Press Freedom Day 2020, the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), the International Civil Society Organization on the Safety of Journalists Coalition (ICSO SoJ Coalition), and numerous GFMD members, partners, and affiliate networks have launched an emergency appeal for journalism and media support in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The statement is a call to action to govern...
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Visit of a group of journalists from the Mercosur

A group of 20 journalists from Brasil and Mercosur  countries  ( Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay)  came to visit the Press Club in Brussels on the 20 February 2020 accompanied by the press attaches of their EU delegations. They met with Press Club Founding Chair Maria Laura Franciosi, M. Tarek Mahmoud and the Executive Director of the Press Club Laurent Brihay. The meeting was attended also by the fo...
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Visit of a delegation of Journalists invited by the European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP)

On the 10 February, Press Club Founding Chair Maria Laura Franciosi welcomed a delegation of Journalists from Georgia, Belarus, Madagascar, Tunisia and Jordan invited by the European Union Visitors Programme to exchange with Brussels-based foreign Correspodents on the situation of Human Rights and freedom of press in different countries.
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