Membership Benefits for Diplomatic Missions

and Representative Offices

Free access to Press Club’s Lounge

Located at 95 rue Froissart, opposite the Council of the European Union, the Press Club Brussels Europe offers a relaxing networking environment, accessible only to members and their guests from Monday to Friday (08:30h-20:00h) and on weekends upon request. Over 12 months, the 5 persons nominated by you may hold meetings in the Press Club’s Lounge and use all services such as daily local and international newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi access and complimentary refreshments.

Free invitation to Press Club social & networking events

Membership provides free access to major events organized at the Press Club (more than 200 per year), such as lectures, panel discussions and public debates with guest speakers, as well as several festive cocktails, musical nights and tasting events.

Free use of the Press Club Conference Room

Three times a year, we offer you complimentary use of the Press Club’s Conference rooms to organize events (e.g. on the occasion of an important visit of an official of your country in Brussels) with a free recording and web streaming services of your press conference). After the event, you can download the video file or link to the video file on our website.

Short Notice Press Conference services

On the occasion of an important visit of an official of your country in Brussels, the Press Club organise a last minute Press Conference and send press invitation to our members, selected Brussels based correspondents and relevant press.

Guest of Honor of the Press Club

In order to showcase the culture and economic profile of your country, the Press Club Brussels Europe proposes that each member country becomes Guest of Honor of the Press Club offering one week a year, offering the opportunity to organize economic seminars, cultural events or lectures and to present national culinary specialities.

Media training session for newcomer diplomats

We welcome newly appointed diplomats and organize four times a year a special meetings to share our experience and knowledge about the specifics of Brussels-based media and present them to fellow colleagues Embassy Press Officers and Head of Communication.

Activation of Press Club Reciprocal Agreement

With over 200 press clubs around the world, we propose concluding a reciprocal agreement with the existing press clubs in your home country and the Press Club Brussels Europe.

Exhibition of your national flag

The Press Club honors each country on its National day by flying its flag in the entrance of our club.

Annual Fee : 850 €