Brussels-based Embassies and Representative Offices

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The Representation of the European Commission in Belgium

The ACP Group of States

The Assembly of the European Regions

The Mission of the Arab League in Brussels

The Embassy of the Argentine Republic

The Embassy of Azerbaijan

The British Embassy in Brussels

The Embassy of Belize

Ambassade du Bénin

The Embassy of the Eastern Caribbean States

The Mission of China to the EU

The Embassy of China to Belgium

The Budva Region

The Brcko District

L’Ambassade du Canada

The Embassy of Cabo Verde

L’Ambassade de Côte d’Ivoire

The Embassy of Cuba to Belgium and EU

The Croatia Business Council to EU

The Council of Europe Office in Brussels

The Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the EU

The Embassy of Botswana & Mission to the European Union

The Swiss Mission to EU

The Dalarna Region

The Embassy of Ethiopia

La Représentation Permanente de la Francophonie auprès de l’UE

L’Ambassade de France

The Gelderland Region

L’Ambassade du Gabon

The German-speaking Community of Belgium

The German Embassy in Brussels

The Embassy of Japan

The Embassy of Georgia

The Permanent Representation of Greece to the EU

The Embassy of Honduras

The Embassy of Kosovo to Belgium and EU

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

The Embassy of Mexico

The Region North Denmark

The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea

The Embassy of Kazakhstan to Belgium & Mission to the EU

L’Ambassade du Luxembourg

The Embassy of Irak to Belgium

The Embassy of Indonesia

The Mission of Israël to the EU

The Representation of Madeira

The Embassy of Mexico

L’Ambassade du Nicaragua

L’Ambassade du Niger

The Embassy of the Philippine to Belgium and Mission to the EU

The Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU

The Organization of the Islamic Conference

The Embassy of Panama

Regione Puglia

L’Ambassade du Rwanda

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Embassy of Serbia

L’Ambassade de Tunisie

The Värmland Region

The Province of Vojvodina

The South African Embassy to Belgium and Mission to EU

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Taipei Representative Office in the European Union and Belgium

The Embassy of Uzbekistan

Unicef Brussels Office

The US Mission to the EU

The Embassy of Venezuela

Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency

Wallonie-Bruxelles International