Using AI to Fight Disinformation in European Elections

Date(s) - 20/02/2019
08:30 - 10:30

Press Club Brussels Europe


Conference Center for Data Innovation

Using AI to Fight Disinformation in European Elections

As the European Union readies for its upcoming elections, accelerating the fight against fake news has become a top priority. Many policymakers are concerned about attempts to covertly use online platforms to insert propaganda and incendiary messages into public discourse in European democracies by targeting particular groups with disinformation campaigns.

One powerful tool in the fight against fake news is artificial intelligence (AI), which can be used to automatically detect and respond to this content as well as empower users with the ability to verify the veracity of claims.

A number of leading tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, have committed to self-regulatory standards and developed a code of practice on disinformation, and the European Commission is evaluating the extent to which automated tools and self-regulation can counter fake news, without introducing new distortions to public discourse or stifling freedom of speech.

Join the Center for Data Innovation for a conversation about how the public and private sectors can work together to accelerate the use of AI to combat fake news

Paolo Cesarini, Head of Unit, Media Convergence & Social Media, DG CONNECT
Eline Chivot, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Data Innovation
Clara Hanot, Advocacy and Fundraising Officer, EU DisinfoLab
Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, Director of European Affairs, Center for Democracy and Technology
Milan Zubicek, Public Policy & Government Relations Manager, Google