Press Briefing with the top fomer Russian manager Igor Sychev who took refuge in Latvia

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Date(s) - 07/12/2017
10:00 - 12:00

Press Club Brussels Europe



Press Briefing with the top fomer Russian manager Igor Sychev who took refuge in Latvia


A story that starts in Russia to continue in Latvia and has judicial links with Switzerland and London.  It is the story of Igor Sychev who will come to the Brussels to tell the press about his claims and complaints.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

10h00 – 12h00

Press Club Brussels Europe

95, rue Froissart – 1040 Brussels

About Igor Sychev

A former top manager of the Russian fertilizer company PhosAgro, one of the world’s leading producers of  phosphate-based fertilizers, Igor Sychev had been the head of PhosAgro tax department.

PhosAgro, which the Financial Times called  “a powerful market player with lots of secrets”,  was bought in 1995 by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the owner of the oil and gas company Yuko’s who also controlled the Russian bank Menatep. Khodorkovsky then became the wealthiest man in Russia under the then president Boris Yeltsin. But  in 2003 he was arrested  and prosecuted. He spent several years in a Siberian jail and was released only recently and allowed out of the country. He now lives in Switzerland. His former associate,  the Russian politician  Andrei Guryev, had also shares in PhosAgro. Guryev had promised Sychev shares in PhosAgro but then refused to comply. Sychev then initiated a criminal complaint for fraud, forgery of documents and malpractice against him in Switzerland.

But in 2016 Sychev decided to flee from Russia leaving his family there because of the death threats he had received. He asked for political asylum in Latvia.

Together with Olga Litvinenko in October 2017 Igor Synchev was heard by the Latvian parliamentary group “For the support of Russia’s civil society”.  Olga Livtinenko was a former politician of St. Petersburg who was granded political asylum in Poland, and daughter of Vladimir Livtinenko, one of the closest friends of Vladimir Putin and one of the largest shareholders of PhosAgro.

Igor Sychev has supported Alexey Navalny, a member of the opposition in Russia who tried to oppose Vladimir Putin. Last August Sychev donated to the Navalny political campaign one million roubles which were transferred in bitcoins. In November he made another donation of 500 K roubles for the same campaign.

Recently Igor Sychev presented to the London High Court  of Justice a claim against Phosagro. In his claim he demands 1% of the company’s shares or their value in money (+- $55 million, and also  $8  million in cash as his remuneration for defending PhosAgro interests in court).

The defendants in the London court case are Andrey Guryev, PhosAgro vice president of the Board of directors, and another member of the board Igor Antoshin, together with some offshore companies based in Seychelles and Belize.

The  London judge has given permission to open proceedings against the defendants.

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