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Greetings and good wishes to all members and friends of our Press Club Brussels. I hope that you will all manage to take what I am sure will be a well-earned holiday away from the stress and strain of reporting Europe! Non more so than our own Laurent Brihay and his staff, who all deserve our thanks for the excellent management of our Press Club Brussels, a haven of peace and sanity within the European Quarter. Recently Press Club Brussels came to the rescue of a party of masters journalism students from Cardiff University, who were scheduled for a full day’s visit to the UK representation, Scotland House, and other venues around the Schuman area. On arrival they found it was the emergency European Council meeting, and access to all these venues was restricted. Not having passes they had a problem. Finally aided by the police, they and their guest speakers were allowed into the Press Club, where we hosted them for the full day. I had an enjoyable hour explaining the challenges of discerning News from Fake News. They went away enriched by their visit, as the thank you emails show. Well done Press Club Brussels. Bonnes vacances à tous dans un mois!

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