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Maroun LABAKI - journaliste PHOTO:Bruno DALIMONTE.

The Press Club Brussels Europe had an exceptional year in 2018 with the inauguration in May of our two years’ presidency of the International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC).

On this occasion we had the pleasure to welcome in Brussels more than 40 Press Club delegations for a two days’ congress and to host a gala evening at the Solvay Library highlighted by the presence of the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and by the Mayor of Brussels Philippe Close. We are also very delighted that in 2018 our Press Club hit a new record with more that 420 events organized for a total of 20,000 guests. On behalf of our Diplomatic Platform created at the Press Club we organized more than 80 events during 1918. A good number of authorities from all over the world attended these events thus increasing the networking capacity of our Club.

We want to thank all our members for their willingness to attend and support the initiatives of the Press Club and we hope that they will continue to do so.

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