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Dear Member,

I wish you a wonderful summer and hope to see you back in Press Club Brussels well rested, relaxed and also with plenty of energy for a fresh start in September. We will need your positive energy and motivation as the Press Club is preparing to hold the presidency of the International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC) 2018-2019, starting in May 2018. During the General Assembly on 4th of May 2017, we have invited you to give your ideas about the IAPC presidency’s agenda and we have been delighted to discuss some of them in our last board meeting. We are now working on a preliminary plan of activities to be carried out next year, in order to prepare a very substantive program for the IAPC presidency.

 At this moment of the year, it is also appropriate to reflect on some of our achievements and thank you for your contribution to the further improvement of Press Club Brussels. This year has been one of the most successful year for  Press Club Brussels both in terms of quality and quantity of the events and speakers, with special focus to the matters affecting all journalists and requiring media and diplomatic attention, such as media freedom, protection of journalism, media rights, as well as high-level conferences with EU officials and NGO-s.

Moreover, Press Club Brussels continues to be very successful in providing both visiting journalists from all around the world and Brussels-based journalists with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas about working experience in covering EU institutions and NATO with a special attention to access to information, communication and transparency.

Erisa Zykaj

Brussels correspondent for ABCnews tv and KLAN tv

Vice-president of Brussels Press Club Europe

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