Thank You Maroun

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As you will all know by now, Maroun Labaki has stood down as President of the Press Club in order to devote his time to standing in the forthcoming Belgian elections.

I was surprised and delighted to be invited to step into his place and become interim President of the Press Club.

On your behalf I say “Thank you Maroun” for your three years presidency…. the Press Club under your Presidency has increased the number of events. We are very proud to be now the first European Press Club in terms of number of events and therefore an important European hub of communication.  Thank you for organising with Laurent our Director General and the Press Club team the General Assembly of the International Assembly of Press Clubs and an exceptional Congress gathering in Brussels more than 45 Press Clubs delegations from 5 continents.

I shall do my best to rise to the challenge, and serve the Press Club to the same high standards set by Maroun and Presidents before him.

We live in exciting times! The challenges facing the Press increase, especially for our Press Club members. I will strive with your board and executive director to make Press Club Brussels the key hub of press activity in Brussels, and a bastion of press freedom and free expression of thought.

Colin Stevens. President Press Club Brussels. April 2019.