Visit of a delegation of the Press Club Brussels Europe in Jerusalem and in Ramallah

On the Monday 8th May 2017 on the occasion of the participation of a delegation of the Press Club Brussels Europe at the second International Conference on the Freedom of Press hosted by the Jerusalem Press Club, the President of the Press Club Brussels Europe Maroun Labaki and the President of the International Association of Press Clubs and Director of the Geneva Press Club Guy Mettan met in Ram...
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Press Club New Board

Dear Members, Thank you for coming in such large numbers at the General Assembly held on the 4th of May 2017. Thank you also for your confidence in re-electing me as President of the Club for the next two years that will be especially exciting with the next Brussels Presidency of the International Association of Press Clubs in May 2018 and a big thanks to the Executive Director Laurent Brih...
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CPJ panel on emerging threats to journalists

CPJ Panel
On the 28th of April 2017, the CPJ held a panel at the Brussels Press Club on emerging threats to journalists. Rising populism in the U.S. and Europe, amid concerns over terrorism and migration, pose risks to press freedom in the West and beyond. Join the Committee to Protect Journalists for a look at the challenges journalists face in the changing environment for media in the U.S. and Europe, ...
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First World Congress for North Korean Defectors

The North Korean defectors in Europe, organised by the EUFreeNK and the INKAHRD, held the first World Congress for North Korean Defectors to address the crimes against humanity comitted by the Kim Jung Un regime. This event was hosted at the Press Club Brussels Europe on Tuesday 25th of April 2017. It's been three years since the UN's Commission of Inquiry produced the report concluding that th...
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Point presse du conseiller fédéral Didier Burkhalter

Point presse du Conseiller fédéral Didier Burkhalter avec les Médias suisses à l'occasion de sa participation à Bruxelles à la conférence sur l’avenir de la Syrie Le Mecredi 5 avril 2017, le conseiller fédéral Didier Burkhalter a fait un point presse à l'occasion de la conférence internationale sur la Syrie. Cette rencontre de haut niveau organisée à Bruxelles vise à appuyer un règlement...
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Civico Europa’s appeal to Rome summit “The European way for a better future”

On monday 20th of march, Civico Europa launched a report in the run-up to next week’s Rome Summit, presenting ambitious recommendations for Europe’s future. At this ‘Make-or-Break’ moment for the Union, citizens & civil society from across the continent have united in a new, civic Movement : Civico Europa. Background: After meeting Heads of States and Governments, as well as Presiden...
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Debate on the future of trade policy in Asia under Trump

On the 15th of March, Eu Asia Center organised a panel-discusion on "The future of trade Policy in Asia under Trump" Background : As President Trump withdraws the US from the TPP, seen by Obama as the centre of the US pivot to Asia, what does this mean for trade policy in Asia? Is there an opportunity for the EU to play a leadership role? Could the TPP be saved under Japan-Australia leadership? C...
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Conference Debate The Euro is 18 – Time to Grow Up

The Union of European Federalists organised on Wednesday 8 March a Conference debate "THE EURO IS 18 - TIME TO GROW UP!" - How to unshelve plans and regain consensus for an economic and fiscal union. Faced with many new challenges, Europe seems to have forgotten  that only a few years ago the euro was on the verge of collapse. Managing increased immigration, Brexit, political instability in Eur...
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