Conference by the Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire

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jamesThe Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire attended on 1st March a conference hosted by The Institute of International and European Affairs

James Brokenshire says he came in Brussels to explain the country’s unique economic and political context.¬† He says he wants to protect the Common Travel Area between Britain and Ireland. The government has repeatedly said it will seek as “frictionless” a border as possible after the UK leaves the EU.

Mr. Brokenshire says the prime reason for his visit is to ensure the region’s interests are protected and advanced. The Secretary of State will meet Sir Tim Barrow, the UK’s permanent representative to the EU, before meeting permanent representatives of EU countries. The Secretary of State will also meet MEPs, including those from Northern Ireland.

“We want to get the best possible deal for the UK and the best possible deal for Northern Ireland within the UK recognising Northern Ireland’s particular circumstances.

“That is the prime reason for my visit – to ensure Northern Ireland’s interests are protected and advanced.”

He also hold talks with Danuta Hubner MEP, chair of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, and senior EU Commission officials.

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