Discussion with influential journalists about the ins and outs of following EU trade policy.

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cambre-fev-2017On the 22nd of February, Cambre Associates organized their #BrusselsCalling media debate with influential journalists about the ins and outs of following EU trade policy.

From CETA and TTIP to Brexit and China’s market economy status – EU trade policy has definitely become a hot topic. With populist politicians across Europe calling to roll back globalisation and close up economies, the once technical subject now enjoys more attention than ever.

Trade policy has wormed its way into debates about international relations, economics and even national politics, with talk of FTAs, investment arbitration, socio-economic impacts, or environmental standards becoming commonplace.

EU trade journalists have a difficult task – they need to cover a technically intricate sector that is constantly changing, tying into wider debates at many different levels. They must see the big picture, be experts on the legal issues at stake, and grasp the sensitivities of the myriad interests that are affected.

Against this backdrop, understanding how best to engage with journalists covering trade in the EU is vital to any stakeholder or organisation aiming to influence the Brussels audience. We are delighted to offer you the chance to hear from leading EU trade journalists, each covering this tough beat from a different perspective.


Arthur Beesley, Financial Times, European Diplomatic Correspondent

Philip Blenkinsop, Reuters, Brussels Chief Correspondent

Poppy Bullock, MLex, Chief Correspondent for Trade

Gabriel Grésillon, Les Echos, Brussels Correspondent

Moderated by Leanda Barrington-Leach Director of the External Relations and International Trade practice at Cambre Associates



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