Presentation of the campaign for the European Union’s Outermost Regions label

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On 21st of September, 2017, Europe’s Outermost Regions (OMR) organised the an event to present the promotion campaign for the European Union’s Outermost Regions label 


Did you know that we produce bananas in Europe? It might seem more obvious that we grow melons, tomatoes and avocados. But like bananas, these products, as well as pineapples, sugar and lychees, sometimes come from the Outermost Regions of the European Union. They are subject to the same quality and traceability criteria as other European products – a fact not widely known among European consumers.

To address this, a consortium of three organisations representing European banana producers – UGPBAN (Guadeloupe and Martinique), GESBA (Madeira) and ASPROCAN (Canary Islands) – has set up a joint communication campaign to inform European consumers about the advantages of products from Europe’s Outermost Regions (OMR), and to increase awareness and recognition of the OMR label. The campaign is being co-financed by the European Union as part of its agricultural products promotion policy.

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