Only eight years after the launch of the Press Club

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maria-laura-franciosiBy Maria Laura Franciosi 

The Press Club Brussels Europe has been honoured by the presence of representatives of the International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC) who participated to the Congress held in Brussels on June 1-2, 2018 to launch its presidency for the next two years.

They arrived from all over the world and will take back to their countries the image of a thriving city of Brussels and of a very active and engaged The Press Club Brussels Europe which is determined to make Brussels and Europe better known all over the world through joint initiatives, connections and cultural exchanges, but also through solidarity actions towards a profession which is fighting to make its principles and integrity recognised everywhere.

The Congress of the IACP was an important moment of exchanges to compare situations and to inform colleagues of initiatives and activities in continents  as distant as Australia and as “near” as Africa. Africa was a new and very welcome presence at the Congress, since it was the first time that African Press Clubs participated in this initiative. And their presence was very important for the “older” IAPC members who could thus be informed by their African colleagues of the problems journalists face there and of the initiatives and projects that are being developed in these countries to improve the conditions of the profession and keep the level of professional journalism as high as possible.

The Press Club Brussels Europe has launched specific projects for its two-year presidency (see details in the special page in our website dedicated to the Presidency of the IAPC) and will make all possible efforts to fulfil them. It has asked the support of all in Europe and beyond to give journalism the important rôles of helping the dialogue among peoples and their nations and of opening new visions without closing doors to those who want to know and participate.

Journalism is an inclusive profession: people can participate with their capacities and knowledge and inform about individual stories when the big picture becomes confused. And it is these individual stories, with their capacity to make people feel human again, that become the real juice of life.

The Press Club Brussels Europe welcomes everybody because we think that everybody has the right to express themselves. This is where journalists are important: to ask the right questions and inform about the results of the exchange with all the communication tools  at their disposal.

The same principle will inspire our presidency of the IAPC starting now: creating bridges, helping with the reciprocal knowledge of people and institutions, facilitating the dialogue between enterprises and the world of information, knowing that dialogue is the best lubricant for the wheels of the world to function without risking being blocked. Maybe forever.

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