Press Releases EPP Group: Green Deal will be Europe’s man on the moon

EPP Group: Green Deal will be Europe’s man on the moon

The EPP Group fully backs Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her efforts to fight climate change. “The European Green Deal will be Europe’s man on the moon. It is a very ambitious and challenging project, but we want to put Europe’s united effort behind it”, said Esther de Lange MEP, Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP Group in charge of Economy and Environment, ahead of today’s presentation of the European Green Deal.

“You do not put a man on the moon by just banning things or by increasing taxes. But by bringing the best and the brightest together”, de Lange commented. “We believe that a climate strategy and an industrial strategy should always go hand in hand. For the EPP Group, it is important not to reduce, but grow Europe’s industry. We want the cleanest and most innovative industry that maintains jobs”, she added.

De Lange pointed out that it was the EPP Group who initiated the transition of the European energy system. “While others were dreaming about creating CO2 taxes, it was former Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete who repaired the EU Emissions Trading System. To make Europe climate-neutral, we will continue to count on market-based instruments rather than prohibitions and taxes.”

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