Making your smart devices secure on the internet

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Making your smart devices secure on the internet

“Today’s vote is a very important step towards a long-term vision of improving cybersecurity in the European Union. It will increase consumers’ trust in internet-connected products and IT solutions”, said the EPP Group Spokeswoman in the European Parliament’s Industry Committee, Angelika Niebler MEP, after the adoption and vote to enter into negotiations on the EU Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA).

With more and more products – watches, fridges etc – relying on access to the internet, the demand for securing the products against hacking or other network disturbance is increasing. In the updated mandate for the EU Cybersecurity Agency, it will be given the role of proposing an EU cybersecurity certification scheme which will be available on a voluntary basis for the producers of connected appliances.

And importantly, it will demand that certification becomes mandatory for critical infrastructure like the energy and communication networks for instance.

“I strongly believe that Europe can become a leading player in cybersecurity. We have a strong industrial base in Europe and working on improving cybersecurity with regard to consumer goods, industrial applications and critical infrastructure is of the utmost importance”, said Angelika Niebler.

“The European Parliament’s position on cybersecurity is strong and we are ready for constructive negotiations with the Council to set the right framework for ENISA to establish a strong and reliable certification system and to ensure that consumers can trust in the digital evolution”, she concluded.

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