Press Releases Solid performance by Dombrovskis paves way to approval

Solid performance by Dombrovskis paves way to approval

Solid performance by Dombrovskis paves way to approval

Valdis Dombrovkis delivered a convincing performance at his parliamentary hearing, paving the way for him to become Executive Vice-President for an economy that works for people.

Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP Group Esther de Lange MEP said: “There is no question that Valdis Dombrovskis is the right man in the right place. He is a competent, experienced and extremely qualified candidate to become Executive Vice-President to protect our social market economy, make the Euro stronger and better protect Europe against future financial and economic instability.“

During the hearing, he showed a combination of profound political experience and expertise in areas that will be crucial for the success of Europe. “Furthermore, with his leading role in the European Commission, we are not only talking about bridging the divide between East and West, we are putting it into practice by ensuring a geographical balance between the three Executive Vice-Presidents. He has been an exemplary Baltic leader and will be a strong Executive Vice-President”, De Lange stated.

As Executive Vice-President, he will also be responsible for Europe’s industrial and SME policy, a key priority for the EPP Group. De Lange concluded: “Industry in Europe feels threatened by extreme green policies. SMEs lack access to appropriate financing. They are asking themselves if Europe still has a future for them. We need to work with them to generate jobs for current and future generations and reach our climate goals.”

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