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vervoort 2Statement of Minister-President Rudi VERVOORT and the Mayors of the Brussels-Capital Region following the meeting of the Regional Security Council (Saturday 21st of November 2015)

A new evaluation by the OCAM/CUTA (Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis) has set the terrorist threat for the Brussels-Capital Region at level 4.

This has been decided during a coordination meeting that was held at the National Crisis Center with which we have been associated.

During the night, a first set of urgent measures has been adopted, such as the closing of the Metro and Pre-Metro in Brussels.

Naturally, we have assured the Mayors and the Chiefs of Police Corps of continual information about the situation of by their representatives at the National Crisis Center. A series of measures have already been adopted in this regard.

The Coordination of those measures is essential and it is up to the Brussels Regional level to do so.
On Saturday, the 21st of November, the Regional Security Council brought together the Minister-President, all the Mayors of the Brussels communes (districts) and all the Chiefs of Police Corps.
They have received an update on the situation, notably from the OCAM/CUTA (Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis) as well as from the Federal Prosecutor.

The following joint decisions have been adopted:
1. The reduction of major events and major meetings in order to free up the required police capacity
It is important to note that the cancellation of those events and closing of major public sites are not linked to the nature of the events but to the extra security they require.This extra security made available by these cancellations is required to ensure the overall safety of the Brussels residents.
More specifically, the Regional Security Council advises, for this week-end:
– To cancel all activities in public buildings, whether local or regional
– To close all malls and commercial centers
– To cancel all the markets within the Brussels-Capital Region
– To cancel all sport competitions
These closures and cancellations are exceptional and only aim to free up all available police units in order to protect the territory.
We have defined, together with the Mayors and the Chiefs of Police Corps, the required measures across the territory of the Region. It has been agreed that a transversal approach will be adopted regarding all the specific and extraordinary safety measures, across all the territory and between all actors.
We will work closely with the Federal authorities in order to mobilize more units on the ground.
2. The closing of the metro (subway) and “pré-metro” (tramways running underground) until Sunday, 3pm. I want to underline that the rest of the public transportation works as usual.
3. The Regional Security Council will meet again tomorrow, at 5pm at the latest, in order to update the measures to be taken and to decide on any new initiatives

We want to publicly thank all our police and security units who are doing very important work and are working 24/7 to ensure the security of all residents.
Zerorisk does not exist, but we collectively take all necessary precautions and measures in order that the Brussels residents to live peacefully and safely.
We call on the public to stay calm and remain informed.

Rudi VERVOORT, Minister-President of the Brussels Region, and
The Mayors of the 19 districts (communes) of the Region