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The IAPC calls for more decisive steps to defend journalists in Belarus

July 15th, 2021 - The IAPC is alarmed by yet another wave of repression directed at Belarusian independent media and appeals to those in power in Belarus to stop the purge and the attack on the freedom of speech. Journalism as a profession is being eliminated in Belarus. “Purging the media” is no longer merely a metaphor. The Belarusian KGB, acting on the orders of the Lukashenka regime, has op...
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Korea Press Foundation – Press Club Brussels Europe Partnership

 Thanks to the initiative of the Press Club Brussels Europe Founding Chair Maria Laura Franciosi, we are glad to announce the KPF (Korea Press Foundation)-PCBE (Press Club Brussels Europe) new partnership agreement for the organisation of a virtual Forum which will take place on Friday, May 21, 2021. The virtual forum will be across different time zones; therefore they will begin in the morning fo...
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Press Club Book Launch Department

This is not a scoop, journalists write... they are even more and more likely to publish their books. To enable them to promote it, from 15 May the Press Club Brussels Europe will allow its members to record with the moderator of their choice a small video capsule of 10 to 15 minutes in English or French. The video will then be integrated into the Book Launch space on the Press Club website. Inform...
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L’Association En-GAJE accueille au Press Club la journaliste afghane Lailuma Sadid

C'est au Press Club Brussels Europe que des responsables de l'association En-GAJE (Ensemble - Groupe d'aide aux journalistes exilés) ont accueilli fin avril une nouvelle membre, Lailuma Sadid. Journaliste afghane, elle travaillait en freelance pour la presse écrite, la radio et la télévision de son pays. En 2013, elle fut menacée et frappée à deux reprises par les talibans, lui reprochant notammen...
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Portuguese Flag Ceremony

On the 4th of March the Permanent Representive of Portugal H.E. Ambassador Nino Brito officially hung the Portuguese Flag at the Press Club Brussels Europe entrance celebrating the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union. This ceremony has been followed by an informal press briefing with H.E. Ambassador Nuno Brito. (Photo Permanent Representative Nuno Brito - Press Club Director Gregor Kupper)
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