COP Observer

COP Observer

The Press Club Brussels Europe was granted Observer status by the UNFCCC.

The Press Club Brussels Europe was appointed in 2022 as an Observer NGO by the UNFCCC, the UN agency responsible for the COP climate conferences, and has participated at COP26 in Glasgow, COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, and COP28 in Dubaï to engage in supporting sustainable initiatives.

Beyond mere observation, we have played an integral role in the COP Conferences by meeting and interacting with diverse delegates and organizations, lending our support to those championing environmental causes.

During these conferences, we conducted many video interviews with participants, including the Indigenous Environmental Network, the New Climate Narrative, the International Union of Forest Research Organisations and many more. At COP28, we co-organized an official Side Event and we were selected for a two-day Exhibit where we welcomed one hundred COP delegates and conducted over 30 interviews. These interviews served as a platform to highlight the importance of phasing out fossil fuels and promoting sustainable practices. Through our ongoing participation, the Press Club Brussels Europe remains a dedicated platform that fosters meaningful conversations towards a more sustainable future.