Event Conference – debate: “Ethiopia conflict – a voice from the Amhara”

Conference – debate: “Ethiopia conflict – a voice from the Amhara”

Date(s) - 16/06/2021
18:30 - 20:00

Press Club Brussels Europe


Ethiopia, this landlocked country in the North-East of the African continent, with twice the size of France and twice the population of Italy. With nowadays 86 officially recognized ethnic groups, its recent history was framed by a homogenous ethnolinguistic nation-state Empire (1930-1974), a communist regime (1974-1991) and since 1991 a Federal Republic. All of this was accompanied by (internal) military conflicts and droughts.

The situation in Ethiopia is not always easy to understand from an outside view. After a short period of reconciliation and optimism under the current President Abiye Ahmed, awarded in 2019 with the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to come to peaceful terms with neighbouring Eritrea, the country has fallen back into conflict and violence, culminating in the Tigray War, starting in November 2020.

While news about this dispute and the different versions published by the Tigray Regional Government versus the Ethiopia Federal Government with the Ethiopian National Defense Force as well as reports from NGOs, the UN and its agencies made its way to the international media, some voices remain to be overheard. Among them seems to be the voice of the Amhara people, who claim themselves to be caught up as victims in the middle of political interests, facing severe human rights abuses and attacks.

To give them a voice as well, experts from the ground, plus some Brussels-based voices might assist us to get a clearer picture of the situation on the ground. This might contribute to restoring peace, human rights and room for reconciliation.

You are cordially invited:

Wednesday, 16th June 2021

18.30 CET

Hybrid event (limited physical presence as well as online).

“Ethiopia conflict – a voice from the Amhara”

– Girma Berihanu (Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

– Senait Dereje (Researcher, University of Minnesota, USA)

– Mohammed Meaza (Journalist, Abbay Media News, Ethiopia)

– Willy Fautré (Director, Human Rights Without Frontiers, Brussels)

– Monika Hoegen (Co-Moderator)

– Frank Schwalba-Hoth (Co-Moderator)


Press Club Brussels Europe

Rue Froissart 95

B-1050 Brussels


In case, you want to participate physically, on a first-served basis. Please understand – because of the COVID-19 restrictions – that the number of seats is restricted.

In case you want to participate online, please confirm your participation (by responding to schwalbahoth@gmail.com) – an online link will be provided upon registration.

Yours sincerely, AmharaHRGW and Monika Hoegen


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