Event Cool Heating Coalition: online media seminar

Cool Heating Coalition: online media seminar

Date(s) - 03/07/2024
09:00 - 10:30



Cool Heating Coalition: online media seminar



Heating and cooling is half of EU energy demand, and most of this is still powered by fossil fuels. The deployment of renewable heating technologies – heat pumps, geothermal, solar thermal, district heating powered by renewables – has been much slower in the heating and cooling sector than compared with electricity generation. Faster rollout of decarbonised heating and cooling makes sense: for climate, energy security, EU industry and health. The invasion of Ukraine highlights the risks associated with fossil fuel import dependency, and the need to shield householders from energy price shocks.

Recent advances in the EU legislative framework for heating and cooling are somewhat scattered, insufficient to decarbonise heating and cooling, and crucially, need to be brought together in a new EU heating and cooling strategy (the last of which dates from 2016).

This seminar is a background briefing for media professionals, especially EU climate and energy journalists, on the topic of heating and cooling. It is a closed meeting, allowing participants to ask any kind of question on heating and cooling in a privileged setting. The format is online.

During the seminar, subject matter experts and representatives of the Cool Heating Coalition membership to present an overview of EU legislation on heating and cooling,  the role of the heating and cooling sector in the energy transition and the context of the new parliament, and historical parallels and pathways towards rolling out decarbonised heating and cooling.


Delia Villagrasa, Director, Cool Heating Coalition

Louise Sunderland, Managing Principal, Regulatory Assistance Project

Dr. Richard Lowes, Senior Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project 

Adrian Hiel, Head of Campaigns and Media, Energy Cities  

Dr. Tobias Fleiter, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI (tbc)

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 The Cool Heating Coalition unites NGOs, civil society organisations and think tanks working at the EU level for sustainable, renewable and affordable heating and cooling by 2040.