Event COP21 Press Training

COP21 Press Training

Date(s) - 23/11/2015
09:30 - 11:30

Press Club Brussels Europe



The Press Club Brussels Europe will host the first journalism training workshop in the framework of the initiative
Participating European News¬making (PEN),
launched by the Press Club Brussels Europe in Brussels with the Link Campus University.

To train journalists on covering COP21 (also with digital tools).

The initiative aims to promote the use of digital tools that enable media and communication professionals to engage their communities of users in the process of story-¬making on the web.

All training activities, that will be held in Brussels, in Rome and in the cities where associated organizations are located, will focus on major issues of the third millennium: EU policies, crisis, environment, energy, food, health, consumer, development, migration.
Participants will learn to cover those issues through developing participative projects including social media campaigns management, data gathering and visualization, creation of interactive maps, multimedia stories production and experimentation of alternative monetization channels.

This kick¬off workshop will be devoted to climate change and will BE co¬-hosted by Carbon Market Watch, Brussels-¬based NGO that has the mission of scrutinizing the effectiveness of carbon markets. The workshop will consist of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will cover policy options to tackle the surplus of emission permits that undermine the EU emissions reductions goals. The practical part will explain how to use the tool Google Fusion Tables to create digital maps documenting how large European companies have accumulated their emission permits surplus.

This workshop can be useful both for those who want to acquire the technical skills necessary to map topics of their interest and for those who wish to deal specifically with the topic of climate which will soon hit the world headlines. Indeed, in December Paris will host the international climate summit (COP21), where governments will have to agree on a new common strategy to slow global warming.
Future training activities will cover other Google tools and will address many other issues, equally critical to the global sustainability challenge, primarily the water crisis, the threat of pollution and the rush to renewable energies.

The description and the registration for the upcoming workshop are available at the following link:
For more information:
training@pressclub.be Tel : 0477 990 238

Places are limited! First come first served!