Event Display Europe Launch / Press Conference

Display Europe Launch / Press Conference

Date(s) - 12/12/2023
11:00 - 12:30

Press Club Brussels Europe


On behalf of all consortium partners, we are happy to invite you to the official launch and press conference of displayeurope.eu, a ground-breaking media platform anchored in public values. Display will enable access to a vast array of content from independent European media outlets that would otherwise remain confined to local or social circles, and therefore to a picture of Europe that is not usually conveyed by mainstream or national media.

With its main purpose to provide citizens across the continent access to trustworthy information, Display Europe aims to revolutionize the European media landscape by focusing on translation, syndication, and originally created content.

Display Europe is co-funded by the European Union and run by a consortium of European Cultural Foundation (ECF), Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA),  FairkomEurozineVoxeuropHostwriterKrytyka PolitycznaEl Diario, Good Conversations, Public SpacesCommunity Media Forum Europe (CMFE), HumanVPRO, Sound & VisionYEPP ItaliaFanzingo and Schuman Show.

This press conference will unveil key aspects of the Display Europe platform, including our unique approach to creating a unified yet diverse European media space, and our commitment to democratic values and open-source technology.


Moderator: Kelly Agathos

  • Mohamed Bah (City Rights Radio)
  • Roland Alton-Scheidl (fairkom)
  • Marija Katalinic (European Cultural Foundation)


Please fill out the registration form, so we can service your attendance properly. Please click here to register before 11 December 2023.

We greatly appreciate your interest in Display Europe and look forward to your participation. Together, we can foster a more connected and informed European public sphere.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at nebojsa.milenkovic@displayeurope.eu

Nebojsa Milenkovic

Communication Coordinator

Display Europe