Event Fake news presented as science garners additional funding from the European Commission

Fake news presented as science garners additional funding from the European Commission

Date(s) - 29/10/2019
10:30 - 12:30

Press Club Brussels Europe


Fake news presented as science garners additional funding from the European Commission

A conference by Prof. Vesselin Noninski

This author has shown unequivocally that much of today’s “big” science is based on absurdities, and every mention in the mass media of the progeny of that so-called “big” science, is nothing other that fake news. Nothing else in the major science policies of the European Union member states can be resolved as categorically and unequivocally as the fact, discovered by this author, that absurdities are presented as “big” science, squandering in the process billions of taxpayer euro.


It is a momentous scandal that such obvious absurdity should be manipulatively tolerated for over a century to begin with, let alone experience malignant growth of cunningly contrived public support, such as never seen before. The dissemination of critique of such obvious absurdity is being stymied by the most elaborate means, including by special legislation defending ill-perceived freedom of constraint in science. This state of affairs stamps out reason and scientific method which is the basis of European civilization and European way of life. The insanity in the hard sciences is amplified and promulgated profusely to create an incredibly toxic intellectual atmosphere in the current European Union, thus moving it away from solving all the rest of its social and political problems.

Abolishing this fake news must lead the agenda of society not only regarding its science policies. This abolishing must head the agenda of society instead of other currently held politically motivated agendas, falsely presented as crystal clear science. Straightening out the suppression of pseudoscience currently governing Europe and the world would be liberating, not only for clearing up other science policies, but would free society in many other ways, not the least rescuing it from intellectual demise and destruction.

This discovery which has been made public for a number of years has not been acknowledged at all to this day and, in fact, although the European Union was specially alerted to it, even more money than before is planned to be spent on absurd science by the new European Commission. Because of that I have decided to undertake some additional steps, which I will talk about during the press-conference, along with demonstrating once again that the European legislation must include the sentence “Noscience project, which is a candidate for public funding, shall contain Lorentz transformations in any way, shape or form”, in order to save billions of wasted taxpayer euro deceptively disguised as “big” science.