Event Launch of first-ever signature campaign for European abortion rights

Launch of first-ever signature campaign for European abortion rights

Date(s) - 29/04/2024
11:00 - 12:30

Press Club Brussels Europe


Launch of first-ever pan-European pro-abortion signature campaign which aims to secure over 1 million signatures over the next seven weeks for the “My Voice, My Choice for Safe and Accessible Abortion”

European Citizens Initiative – greenlighted by the European Commission (EC) last week.

Monday 29 April 2024 – 11h00

Press Club Brussels Europe

Rue Froissart 95 – 1040 Brussels

If they are successful in collecting these signatures, it is the first step to creating an EU fund to help women who are denied access to abortion within the EU. Such a fund will help pay for travel and accommodation for women who are forced to seek this procedure in neighbouring EU states with more liberal abortion laws.

While the introduction of abortion rights into the French constitution signalled a historical leap forward, there are still 20 million women in the EU who lack access to safe abortion care, while European far-right parties such as AfD in Germany, PiS in Poland, and Fratelli d’Italia in Italy rally firmly against reproductive rights. The collection of 1 million signatures is a crucial next step to the development of this instrument of financial support for European women.

In light of the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections, as Europe lurches towards illiberal and anti-reproductive rights policies, activists and organizations from seven countries are spearheading the “My Voice, My Choice” movement. This coalition of activists, organizations, and citizens across Europe is dedicated to securing access to reproductive rights – to create a fund to offer financial support for those deprived of the right to abortion,  whether for financial or political reasons.

Explaining the rationale behind using the ECI route, Nika Kovac, one of the key organisers of the movement and head of Institute 8th of March, Slovenia, “The My Voice My Choice European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) signed off by the EC is the only instrument of direct democracy on the level of the EU through which EU citizens can propose with 1 million signatures concrete action the EU Commission should take. The proposed EU legislation aims to establish a financial mechanism that would assist Member States in providing safe and legal abortion services, thereby addressing the needless suffering and fatalities resulting from inadequate access. As individuals each of us can and should do everything within our power to protect the right to choose, protect fundamental freedoms, and protect women’s lives. And this should also apply to the EU,” added Kovac.

The collection of signatures will take place via multiple online and offline platforms including through our own My Voice, My Choice webpage, where the form of the EU Commission is embedded; across national events, protests, influencer operations, Bread and Roises podcast and live stream social media actions.

Spokespeople at the launch include leading activists who have shaken the very foundations of their governments. You can find the full bio below:

  • Nika Kovač, Institute 8th of March Slovenia)
  • Ida Katariina Haapea, Unioni Finland
  • Marta Lempart, Strajk Kobiet
  • Michalina Gabriela, Strajk Kobiet
  • Maria Mayrhofer, #aufstehn Austria
  • Flora Bachmann, #aufstehn Austria
  • Iva Stanojević, Croatia
  • Marija Trcol, Pariter Croatia
  • Alice Coffin, Ma Voix, Mon Choix

At the launch, they will discuss issues including:

  • Why it’s urgent that we fight for abortion rights?
  • Is it is myth that Europe is a haven for abortion rights? Which countries do not offer women a choice at all? Which countries are at the brink of taking away abortion rights?
  • Why is Europe seeing increasing attacks against abortion rights?
  • Would abortion become a political issue during European elections as it is on the US elections?
  • What is the message of activists to the EU governments?
  • How will they lead the pro-abortion campaign in their countries?
  • How poverty making getting abortion harder?
  • Case studies about women who have suffered because of being poor and how creating a EU fund helps thousands across Europe.

Would you be interested in attending the event or speaking to the My Voice My Choice movement organisers?

Looking forward to hearing from you. You can find the event invite attached below.

Registration: secretary@pressclub.be