Event Panel Discussion: AI want(s) to break free. Can the EU secure the future of cyber?

Panel Discussion: AI want(s) to break free. Can the EU secure the future of cyber?

Date(s) - 20/11/2023
17:00 - 18:30

Press Club Brussels Europe


AI want(s) to break free

Can the EU secure the future of cyber?

Monday 20 November 2023 – 17:00-18:30

Press Club Brussels Europe

As the European Union attempts to regulate AI, discussions rage about the pros and cons of this technology. From science fiction scenarios to the ChatGPT buzz, AI is undoubtedly the technology of the moment.

AI is complex and lies at the crossroads of numerous technologies. Seen by many as a threat, it also offers endless possibilities, with far-reaching impact for individuals, organisations and society as a whole.

Cybersecurity is no exception, and questions abound as to the extent to which AI can improve cybersecurity or, on the contrary, spell its end. While AI can be used to strengthen the  security of networks and information systems, it can also be weaponised to conduct cyber attacks.

This event will mark the launch of the next FIC Agora publication which seeks to understand the impact of AI on cybersecurity, examining the impact of current European AI regulations on the sector. It will also set the scene for FIC 2024 (26-28 March), Europe’s flagship cybersecurity and digital trust event which welcomed 19,000 participants at its 2023 edition, and will focus on « Ready for AI? Reinventing cybersecurity in the age of AI ».

The FIC Agora event  will tackle questions such as:

    • What is the AI threat landscape for cybersecurity?
    • How to achieve a balance between security and privacy in the governance of AI for cybersecurity?
    • Strenghts, missed opportunities, consequences for innovation: What does the AI Act mean for cybersecurity?
    • Debunking the myth of AI domination in cyber (and beyond!) – What is a disruptive technology and what is innovation?
    • What lessons learned from our neighbours in terms of AI governance for cybersecurity?


  • Monika Adamczyk, Cyberesecurity Expert at the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)
  • Christophe Maertens, Lead & Coordinator – Blockchain4Belgium, AI Blockchain & Digital Minds Team, DG Simplification & Digitalization, BOSA: FPS Policy and Support
  • Emmanuel Kahembwe, CEO at VDE (Association for Electrical Electronic Information Technologies)
  • Rayna Stamboliyska, Founder and CEO: Mastering uncertainty at RS Strategy and inCyber Forum Advisory Board Member
  • Suzanne Mc Namara (moderator), Cybersecurity Expert at Forward Global

Venue & registration 

The event will take place in person and online (hybrid) on 20 November 2024 in Brussels, from 17:00 to 18:30

To attend this event in person, please email Apolline Rolland: apolline.rolland(a)forwardglobal.com.

To join online, please register herehttps://app.livestorm.co/p/0f5cbed8-1ffc-4819-89be-d08df426b63d/live?s=b4e3a10c-5199-475c-986e-355e175314b6.

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