Event Green European Foundation Panel Discussion: “Debating the D-word: Green thinking on Defence and Security”

Green European Foundation Panel Discussion: “Debating the D-word: Green thinking on Defence and Security”

Date(s) - 06/03/2024
15:00 - 19:00

Press Club Brussels Europe


European green parties were born out of pacifist and anti-militaristic values.

What is their position today on defence and security?

Is post-growth incompatible with, or the solution for, a world ridden with conflict?

The event “Debating the D-word: Green thinking on Defence and Security”,

organized by the Green European Foundation, will explore these questions on March 6th at the Press Club Brussels.

About the event

This event will feature the launch of two brand-new GEF publications. We will discuss their content with the authors alongside two expert panels, leaving  ample time for questions and networking.  

LAUNCH: Green Vision(s) on European Security and Defence (upcoming) – with GRIP

In a shifting geopolitical landscape, Greens find themselves grappling with the interplay between their traditional pacifist ethos and the post-February 2022 security challenges. This report delves into their evolving stances on key defence issues, from EU military cooperation to disarmament, offering insights into the varied approaches adopted by Green parties from eight EU countries. Expert viewpoints interspersed throughout the report raise points of attention and provide food for thought as to what a Green security and defence policy could (or should) look like. As Greens navigate turbulent waters, the report serves as a call for a renewed commitment to progressive and principled approaches to security and defence.

LAUNCH: Geopolitics of a Post-Growth Europe

It is unlikely that we will be able to defuse the climate time bomb, let alone other ecological threats, as long as our economy continues to grow. But what would the end of economic growth mean for geopolitics? Could a European Union that is the first to embrace post-growth still be a global actor? Would it be able to defend itself, its allies, democracy, human rights, and the international rule of law at a time when aggressive autocracies are invading or threatening their democratic neighbours? By igniting a conversation between critics of economic growth and progressive thinkers on foreign and security policy, this report addresses uneasy questions that few have dared to ask.  

Project background

This event is part of the Green European Foundation’s thematic focus on geopolitics, peace, and security. In a complex, fractured, and volatile geopolitical environment, GEF works to bring together CSOs, activists, academics, and other experts for open and multi-faceted discussions on Europe’s security challenges. With a clear eye on the future, the foundation aims to cultivate green thinking and European policy proposals that address not just the crises of today, but can build resilience in a more just and sustainable world.  


  • Agatha Verdebout – Groupe de recherche et d’information sur la paix et la sécurité 
  • Antoine Oger – Institute for European Environmental Policy
  • Laëtitia Sédou – European Network Against the Arms Trade 
  • Nicoletta Pirozzi – Istituto Affari Internazionali 
  • Olivia Lazard – Carnegie Europe
  • Richard Wouters – Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks
  • Roderick Kefferpuetz – Heinrich Boell Foundation EU

And more to be announced! 


15:00 – 15:15 Opening words 

15:15 – 16:30 Presentation and panel discussion on Green Visions on European Security  

16:30 – 16:45 Coffee break 

16:45 – 18:00 Presentation and panel discussion on Geopolitics of a Post-Growth Europe 

18:00 – 19:00 Closing remarks and networking drinks 


Date and Time: Wednesday, March 6th (15:00 – 19:00 CET)

Location: Press Club Brussels Europe

Language: English

Registration: This event is taking place in person with limited spots. Please register in advance via this link.

A coffee break and networking drinks will be provided.   

This launch event is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks and Etopia and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.   

Contact: Celia Fernández, Press Officer, celia.fernandez@gef.eu | +34 675 98 60 06