From the President Christmas and New Year Message

Christmas and New Year Message


As we approach Christmas and the New Year and I sit at my laptop to write this seasonal message to all our members and friends, I have been reflecting upon the trials and tribulations of 2020, and the positive things we should remember and celebrate.

I look back at the awful year COVID-19 has caused us all and am thankful that despite the pandemic nearly all of us have survived physically and professionally to fight and write another day.

Your Press Club has had a difficult year, but thanks to our Director Laurent and his team our club survives and will thrive again.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions the club continued to operate, and even succeeded magnificently with the “24 Hours for Climate” event.

There have been other Press Club successes which both Laurent and I have reported on this website during the year.

So, I look forward to 2021, with the roll out of the new COVID-19 vaccines, which we hope will enable life and work to return to normal.

Many of us have learnt new skills and new ways to work during the past year, with “working from home” and Zoom meetings becoming the new normal.

I am sure also that we will very soon return to the old normal, where we will all be able to gather together in our Press Club and work, debate and enjoy each other’s company.

To all our Press Club members, staff and friends, on behalf of Laurent and his team, and on behalf of your board, I wish you a healthy and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Your President, Colin Stevens.

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