From the President Press Club events suspended until further notice 

Press Club events suspended until further notice 

Dear Press Club members

As you will know by now, last night (12th March) the Belgian National Security Council decided to take far-reaching measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, declaring a state of emergency over the entire country.

Under the new emergency measures, all recreational and sporting events will be cancelled or postponed, while public places like restaurants, bars, cafés and discos are ordered to shut from Friday midnight until 3 April.  EU institutions as well as NATO headquarters in Brussels have also decided to limit their activities, recommending employees to work from home whenever possible and keep meetings to a minimum.

Therefore, your executive director and president have together decided that events scheduled at the Press Club are suspended for the foreseeable future. Your Press Club will stay open for Press Club members and small meetings with journalists. Executive Director Laurent Brihay and his team will continue to prepare our World Press Club Alliance Press conference and other ongoing initiatives

The situation is dynamic, but we will stay on top of it and keep you informed. We will communicate with you on a continuing basis as we assess this evolving situation. We will remain open for business so long as we can continue to do so in a safe and responsible manner.

Colin Stevens

President, Press Club Brussels

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