From the President Welcome Press Club Tbilisi Europe

Welcome Press Club Tbilisi Europe

It’s my great pleasure to inform you that our Georgian friends in Tbilisi recently have started a great job. They’ve founded an European style press club named almost like our Club. “Tbilisi Europe”…. and there is a very significant message in this Name. Georgia is most reliable partner and only country in the far Eastern part of Europe having an Agreement on Association with the European Union. 

Press Club Tbilisi – Europe will function as a non-commercial organisation and it will be based upon club memberships. 

We are sure that the Club will become very soon a strong platform for discussion and collaboration between Georgian, European and International Media representatives with those interesting representatives of Politics, Economics, Culture, Sports, Environmental Protection. The club will also organize International colloquiums, conferences, meetings with diplomatic missions and discussions with governmental and non-governmental representatives. We hope that the representatives of the missions of the EU member states in Tbilisi and the EU itself will give all kind of assistance to the new establishment on this very important initial phase of its development. 

It’s very important to mention that one of the main priorities of the Press Club in Tbilisi will be support of public diplomacy with the aim of resolving regional conflicts. We are sure that the club will become an advanced and brilliant instrument to help Georgia to go forward with European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. 

It has to be noted, that among the founding members of the Press Club are famous Georgian journalists, possessing years of experience in working with local and international (Associated Press, Reuters, RFI) media outlets, as well as diplomats and other representatives of business and  Media. 

Let me introduce to you my old Georgian friend, the member of our club Mr. Georges Popkhadze, who use to be a journalist and reporter for RF and other European media outlets for many years. Likely he is among the founders of the new club in Tbilisi and represents the club here today in capacity of the co-founder and member of the governing board. 

So, I am happy to inform you that our Executive Director Laurent Brihay signed on this Tuesday 26 August a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a bilateral Support and Assistance between our two clubs.

I am also particularly happy to announce that It was my great pleasure to accept a very kind decision of the Board of Tbilisi club to elect me a Honorary President of the Board of the Press Club Tbilisi Europe. So I accept this honor responsibly. 

And finally,  by Inviting my friend Georges to take a floor for a short speech I would like to ask him publicly to convey our special gratulations and best wishes to all the founders of the Tbilisi Club and especially to Ambassador Zviad Kvatchantiradze, the President of the Board who has a long experience in working with the  European Union and who gave his best in reaching finally the  Agreement on Association between EU and Georgia, a visa free movement and DCFTA, being a Member of Parliament of Georgia and Co- chair of the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Committee on Association…. and of course my special greetings goes also to Mr. Vasil Tamazashvili, the Executive Director of the club, a very special young Georgian entrepreneur, a thinker and philanthropist. 

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