We Are Kyiv Press Club “Round Table Sustainable Support for Ukrainian Media: Why is it important during the war?”

“Round Table Sustainable Support for Ukrainian Media: Why is it important during the war?”

On June 12th, 2024 at The Press Club Brussels, The National Union of Journalists Ukraine presented its proposal in providing long-term support to Ukrainian media to ensure the sustainable development of Ukrainian Democracy. 

The event was hosted in collaboration with The European Federation of Journalists and was moderated by Director, Renate Schroeder. The round table was intimate and provided insight on the struggles faced by Ukrainian Journalists. Two Ukrainian female war correspondents were able to attend the round table via zoom to share their stories and answer questions about Ukraine’s current media landscape. Notably, a key point made numerous times by the Ukrainian journalists, is that they “did not choose to become war correspondents, but were rather pushed into the profession as a result of the war”. 

The round table discussion shed light on violence faced by all journalist in Ukraine, while predominantly highlighting gender-based, physical, and sexual violence. The National Union of Journalist Ukraine, made it a priority to mention long-term war recovery plans and how these plans do not include rebuilding the media sector. In their opinion, this will hinder freedom of expression and democracy in Ukraine. 

The discussion came to a conclusion after an hour and finished on the topic of growing support for local media in Ukraine. Showing support to the local journalists will help the Ukrainian media sphere to rebuild and recover. 

For inquiries and further information: https://nuju.org.ua 

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