Miscellaneous Press Conference of The ‘Alliance for Peace in the Middle East’

Press Conference of The ‘Alliance for Peace in the Middle East’

gutmannOn the 2nd of June 2016 – The ‘Alliance for Peace in the Middle East’ announced the Shalon, Vrede, Paix, Salaam Festival scheduled on Sunday 5th of June

The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East brings together various Jewish and Christian organizations and people. The festival promotes dialogue, understanding and peace among people and the goal is to develop an inter-religious dialogue for co-existence, tolerance and freedom of expression, in response to the recent aggressions and violence that has been experienced.

The events in Europe, Middle East and North Africa are evidence of religious intolerance which manifests itself more and more frequently, unfortunately, as we have all seen with dismay. The message of the festival is ‘shalom-vrede-paix-peace-salaam’ and we work towards a peace that we hope will reign one day across the world, despite the painful experiences in the history of the different nations. The Shalom Festival is a proof that peace can triumph above all obstacles and difficulties.

The Alliance for Peace in the Middle East conveys a message of equality between all people in order to enable everyone to live in peace and security, it is part of a vibrant multicultural, democratic and humanistic society that values tolerance, respect for others and openness for all.  That is why the Alliance’s objective is to promote these values within our society. The Alliance is also a voice for Israel and the Jewish community in Belgium, as the only hope for stability and democracy in the Middle East and to represent the rights of persecuted Christians in the region.


This colorful and multicultural open air event is held every year in Brussels and in Antwerp. It is a collaboration between Evangelical Christians and the Jewish community of Brussels and Antwerp, whilst each retaining their own identity, they meet together with a message of peace to the public.

The organizers of the Shalom Festival include the organizations of the Belgian Coalition for Israel, Koinonia Ministries, ORT Belgium, A-net, Christian Friends of Israel International, Belgium Zionist Organization, KKL, Bnai Brit, Belgian Friends of the Council of Beautiful Israel.

The partnership between the Jewish and Evangelical Christian communities is based on the common origins of their faith as well as a mutual respect for their values and contribution to society.


The programme includes a beautiful concert with dances, songs and musical performances by both Jewish and Gospel artists, as well as many stalls with various exhibitions of photographs, paintings, children’s entertainment, literature and Israeli food.  There will also be brief speeches, presentations and testimonies that will contribute to the quality of the event.

Press Contacts:

Pastor Raymond Vandeput – President of Alliance for Peace in the Middle East
GSM +32 495 53 79 43 – r.vandeput@gmail.com

Joelle Benisti – President of B’nai Brith Bruxelles
GSM +32  488 04 50 68 – benvenutti@hotmail.fr

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