Past events Challenges & Opportunities for an Energy Efficient Europe

Challenges & Opportunities for an Energy Efficient Europe

CEFIC JUNEOn Tuesday 21 June, Cefic organised a workshop on ‘Challenges & Opportunities for an Energy Efficient Europe’

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in efforts to achieve a more low-carbon economy. As a supporter of using energy more efficiently (and taking the initiative to raise awareness in our sector through SPiCE3) the EU chemical industry is an important contributor.

The upcoming review of the Energy Efficiency Directive will have a significant impact in mapping the future of energy efficiency in the EU.

The Cefic event will explore the challenges and opportunities on how the European Union can become more energy  efficient and the role that different stakeholders can play to help achieve this.

The workshop welcomes key players in the energy efficiency debate with speakers from the EU institutions, senior industry representatives, and important European energy efficiency stakeholders.

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