Past events Convention of the European Federalist Party on Saturday 21 November 2015

Convention of the European Federalist Party on Saturday 21 November 2015

stand up for europe november 2015Despite the level 4 security alert Brussels and thanks to additional security measures provided around the venue, participants from more than 15 European countries could gather in Brussels on Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 November to renew their commitment to a federal Europe and cry out loud: we are united and not afraid!
As noted by Pietro De Matteis, president of the European Federalist Party (EFP): “Europe must evolve if we want that future generations of Europeans enjoy the same opportunities that we have enjoyed in recent years. The current crises (Eurozone debt crisis, refugee crisis and terrorism) show the need for truly European approaches to ensure that accomplishments such as the euro, Schengen passport-free mobility as well as the European way of life are fully preserved.”
The Convention opened with a presentation by Professor Philippe Van Parijs on a socially just Europe. It was followed by a discussion on how to “federate the federalists”, which brought together representatives of pro-European movements and political parties across Europe. Among the speakers were: Roger Casale, Director of New Europeans (UK), Tommy Tomescu, President of Europeans Party (UK), Philippe Mazuel President of the Party of the Citizens of Europe (France) and Jourdain Vaillant, founder of Nouvelle Donne (France) and Dafni Gogou, European Demos (Greece). Michele Ciavarini Azzi, UEF Belgium, Paolo Vacca, Secretary-General, UEF-Europe and Sebastiano Potuto, JEF-Europe could not join due to the difficulties in reaching the venue following the security alert.

Isabelle Durant, former vice-president of the European Parliament, sent a dedicated video-message to the participants to support the “federate the federalists” approach.

The second part of the convention consisted in discussions among EFP members about the party’s organisation and priorities. A common thread was the need to increase the party’s activity and visibility, as a united and strong Europe is a historical necessity now more than ever. A number of new initiatives will be launched in the coming months with the European elections of 2019 in mind.

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