Past events First World Congress for North Korean Defectors

First World Congress for North Korean Defectors

korea-1The North Korean defectors in Europe, organised by the EUFreeNK and the INKAHRD, held the first World Congress for North Korean Defectors to address the crimes against humanity comitted by the Kim Jung Un regime. This event was hosted at the Press Club Brussels Europe on Tuesday 25th of April 2017.

It’s been three years since the UN’s Commission of Inquiry produced the report concluding that the totalitarian state’s systematic and widespread cruelties against its people are tantamount to ‘Crimes against Humanity.’ The report identified forced labour, infanticides, public executions, a massive gulag system, overseas abductions among other barbarities. To our dismay, such violations continue today. It’s critical that the international community respond urgently and firmly.

This inaugural event was followed by another World Congress in Washington DC on the 27th of April in a relay format. The debate over how terrible things currently are in North Korea is over. It’s now time for accountability




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