Past events Liberal Agriculture Ministers meet ahead of AGRIFISH meeting

Liberal Agriculture Ministers meet ahead of AGRIFISH meeting

ALDE MINISTERS AGRICULTUREOn Monday 14 March morning liberal Agriculture Ministers met ahead of the AGRIFISH Council in Brussels for the first ever ALDE Party AGRIFISH Pre-Council meeting paving the way for future liberal coordination in the Council.

The meeting organized at the Press Club Brussels Europe was chaired by ALDE Party Vice President Ros Scott and hosted by Kimmo Tiilikainen, Finland’s Minister of Agriculture and the Environment. The ministers were joined by Jan Huitema MEP in order to discuss the ALDE Group’s work and position in the European Parliament.

The participants discussed the current agriculture crisis in the dairy and pig meat sector and exchanged views on what measures should be taken to tackle this on European and national level. They also discussed the use of financial instruments in agriculture and how this could be used to help farmers. They all agreed to promote together in the Council a liberal agricultural policy in order to create sustainable European agricultural policy in the long term.

The ministers agreed to meet regularly before Council meetings in order to discuss the best way forward for European agriculture policy.

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