Panel Debate Shrinking Spaces for Journalists

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On Thursday, 10 October 2019 the Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom organised a panel debate Shrinking Spaces for Journalists

The European Union considers freedom of expression and information as being at the chore of their human rights and fundamental freedoms’ architecture. Still, every year, hundreds of journalists and media representatives are threatened, attacked, imprisoned, or even killed in EU member states and beyond.

Due to the growing popularity of right wing parties, countries like Poland and Hungary have become battlegrounds in the drive by authoritarian-minded leaders to limit media pluralism and gain control over political discourse. Meanwhile, at the doorsteps of the EU, Turkey has registered at least 68 journalist imprisonments in the past year, while the current political situation is leaving little hope for change.

Threats to freedom of expression and media pluralism are manifold, encompassing measures set by both private parties and state actors. Freedom of pluralist and independent media must prosper, so they can serve as public watchdog, sheltering citizens from States’ as well as private interests’ abuses and empowering them to actively participate in the democratic life.

At this event, journalists and media experts in the field will discuss the current situation on the European continent and identify new policy-making solutions.

panel debate with

Chloe Melchionne

EU Liaison & Human Rights Officer, FNF


Tom Gibson

EU Representative, Committee to Protect Journalist

Banu Tuna
President, Journalists Union of Turkey – Istanbul Branch

Oliver Money-Kyrle

Programmes Manager, International Press Institute


Charlotte Wirth

Investigative Journalist & EU Correspondent,

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