Press Releases 2019 Distripress Congress in Berlin

2019 Distripress Congress in Berlin

2019 Distripress Congress in Berlin

Michael Müller, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, today received an art donation on behalf of the city from Distripress marking 30 years of press freedom.


The 2019 Distripress Congress has opened at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc). For more than 60 years Distripress has been bringing together the world of international media, print and distribution. Distripress members represent the entire supply chain involved in bringing the article from conception to customer and includes associated companies.


This year brings more than 450 delegates and guests from 60+ countries for 4 days of business interaction and social gatherings.


Celebrating 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall – Berlin was specifically chosen for this year’s Congress to acknowledge the 30th anniversary of the bringing down of the Berlin wall. In January 1989, a demonstration in Leipzig for freedom of speech, assembly and press, heralded the start of a peaceful revolution which culminated in the fall of the wall in November the same year. The powerful symbolism of this event serves to remind us of the importance of press freedom around the world and stands as a shining beacon for Distripress.


The delegates’ welcoming address was delivered by Stephan Scherzer, CEO of German publishers’ association, VDZ. In an impassioned delivery, Herr Scherzer impressed upon the audience the importance of protecting freedom of expression to support our industry and the trust the reader must place in what they are seeing.


Insight, passion, importance and enthusiasm – Delegates received outstanding presentations from a series of guest speakers; Thomas Kirschner, Chairman 7 Days Media GmbH and Christian Nienhaus, Chairman of the Management Board News Media Print, Axel Springer.


Christian Mihr, Managing Director of Reporters Without Borders highlighted our continued challenge of delivering to people factual information that they can trust. He emphasised the incredible courage shown by many involved in bringing that information to the reader, often in the face of great personal danger. All of this is summarised in their report released today.


Amy Tipper, Head of Newsstand at Amazon expressed how the customer is at the centre of everything that they do as a business and stressed the continued importance of reading for all.


Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief at Monocle presented with his customary flair and engaged the delegates with updates on the opening of new business outlets in Hong Kong and beyond.


Collaboration and looking to the future – Distripress President, Carine Nevejans, delivered an update on business. The President highlighted the work being done with IPDA, to present to the European Parliament the issues facing the press supply chain. It was confirmed that the 2020 Congress would be executed in partnership with FIPP, the network for global media. Ms Nevejans commented “this collaboration aims to enhance innovation and sharing. The increased scope to network and create more business is huge and, I am sure, that our respective members will take full advantage.”


Optimising hotspots and avoiding black holes – Highlights from the 6th edition of the Distripress Circulation Monitor Report commissioned by Distripress, were delivered by Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing. This report sets out the international trends and key industry themes based on a survey of member companies. The full report is available free to members.


The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller – closed the Forum thanking Distripress delegates for coming to Berlin. Together with the Distripress President, he then formally opened an installation by local artist Stefanie Grau of covers from 1989, commissioned by Distripress. This unique installation takes delegates on a journey through the significance of this piece of modern history to our industry. Distripress confirmed the artwork will be donated to the city.


The Expo village and business meeting halls opened for business. Over the coming days exhibitors of press and by-products will showcase their products and services to member delegates and visitors to the Expo lounge. Over five thousand meetings will be held in the business meeting halls.


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