Press Releases Pan African Women’s Organisation calls for Sanctions on Israel

Pan African Women’s Organisation calls for Sanctions on Israel

Pan African Women’s Organisation calls for Sanctions on Israel

The Pan African Women’s Organisation (PAWO) joins the world community in noting with horror the recent attacks on the Palestinian people by the state of Israel. We also note the positive response of the international community, led by the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, including South Africa’s decision to withdraw its ambassador from Israel. Accordingly, we also note and welcome the Turkish government’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with Israel.

Moreover, PAWO has noted the haunting parallels between Israel and Apartheid South Africa. Like Apartheid South Africa, the Israeli state is firmly committed to forcibly removing Palestinians from the land of their birth. In the same stride as Apartheid South Africa, the Israeli government has declared the legitimate voice of Palestinians (Hamas) as terrorists.

It is clear to all those determined to uphold Human Rights across the globe including PAWO, that the Israeli government is committed to violating the prescripts of International law at every given opportunity. There have been several cease fire agreements which have been wilfully violated by the Israeli regime.

It is evident that the claim of Hamas being a terrorist organisation is a ruse for unlawful occupations, and an attempt to advance the worst genocide known to human civilization. Diplomacy is no longer a praxis that progressive states can advance to quell the reign of terror on Palestinian women and children, they bear the brunt of this blatant dehumanisation.

The time has come for the international community to seriously consider imposing sanctions and isolate Israel for its criminality and all those who are in support of the atrocities.

Issued by Office the General Secretariat

Pinky Kekana

Secretary General


Chrispin Phiri

+27 (0) 83 220 9691

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