Press Releases 5G security: Member states report on progress on implementing the EU toolbox and strengthening safety measures

5G security: Member states report on progress on implementing the EU toolbox and strengthening safety measures

5GEU member states, with the support of the European Commission and the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, published a report on the progress made in implementing the joint EU toolbox of mitigating measures, which was agreed by the member states and endorsed by a Commission Communication in January 2020.

The toolbox sets out a joint approach based on an objective assessment of identified risks and proportionate mitigating measures to address security risks related to the rollout of 5G, the fifth-generation of mobile networks.

A Europe Fit for the Digital Age Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager said: “The timely rollout of 5G networks is strategically important for all member states as it can open new opportunities for businesses, transform our critical sectors and benefit European citizens. Our common priority and responsibility is to ensure that these networks are secure and, while this report shows we have undergone great strides, a lot of work remains ahead.”

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton added: “With 5G network rollout going ahead across the EU, and our economies increasingly relying on digital infrastructure, as the coronavirus crisis demonstrated, it is more important than ever to ensure a high level of security. Together with member states, we are committed to put in place robust measures, in a coordinated manner, not only to ensure 5G cybersecurity but also to strengthen our technological autonomy. Today’s report reaffirms our commitment and outlines the areas where further efforts and vigilance are needed.”

While work is still ongoing in many member states, the report notes that all member states have launched a process to review and strengthen security measures applicable to 5G networks, demonstrating their commitment to the coordinated approach defined at EU level. For each of the toolbox measures, the report reviews progress made since the toolbox adoption, showing what has already been done and identifying areas where measures have not been implemented so far.

Huawei welcomed delivery of the EU 5G Security Toolbox, which it said ” provide much-needed common ground.”

Abraham Liu, Huawei's Chief Representative to the European Institutions,

Abraham Liu

Abraham Liu, Huawei’s Chief Representative to the European Institutions, said:

“However, we believe a security approach based on labelling specific vendors as high risk has a number of inherent limitations: Huawei’s leading 5G end-to-end capabilities, and innovative products and solutions, are attracting customers worldwide. Through heavy investment and continuous innovation, we are committed to helping carriers deploy 5G networks easily, rapidly and cost-effectively. And we are ready to work with all stakeholders to drive the robust development of the 5G industry”


You will find more information on the press release and on the Q&A

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