Press Releases A new Board of Directors guiding Solar Heat Europe for the next two years

A new Board of Directors guiding Solar Heat Europe for the next two years

Brussels, 7 December 2020 – Solar Heat Europe elected a new President and Board of Directors for the mandate 2021-2022 during its General Assembly held on Friday, December 4th.

Outgoing President, Costas Travasaros was re-elected for a new mandate. Having been once again nominated by the Greek Solar Industry Association (EVIE/EBHE), he received almost unanimous support from Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF members. Costas Travasaros is the CEO of Prime Laser Technology SA, a company specialised in the manufacture of solar thermal absorbers, based in Greece but exporting to several markets in Europe and other regions.

In its message to the members, the re-elected President of Solar Heat Europe referred “Our sector needs to stress its relevance to decarbonization by bringing forward examples and new proposals on solar thermal interaction in smart grids, buildings, and industry.” Mr. Travasaros continued: “The relevance of our sector is often overshadowed by an exaggerated focus on electrification, which seems more interested in getting more electricity demand rather than getting more decarbonized supply.

 “Solar heat is one of the main renewable solutions in Europe today, in terms of installed capacity and energy supplied. We must not forget that there are over 10 million solar thermal systems in Europe. Furthermore, it is produced in Europe, generating local jobs and net exports. It provides excellent indicators in terms of circularity and lifecycle costs and emissions”, Mr. Travasaros added. “Solar heat cannot continue to be ignored in any serious approach to decarbonization”, he concluded.

Two of the Board candidates were also re-elected, as they were already part of the previous Board of Directors for 2019-2020. These were Marcel Cloosterman, representing Holland Solar, and Harald Drück representing IGTE (Institute for Building Energetics, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage).

Three new Board members were elected, and they bring a vast background, as well as a diverse perspective in the strategic body, representing both the national associations and the industry categories. These are Edwige Porcheyre nominated by ENERPLAN, Guglielmo Cioni nominated by TVP Solar, and Joakim Byström nominated by Absolicon.

Besides the President, the Board of Directors includes members coming from France, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and Germany, representing Manufacturers (2), National Solar Thermal Associations (2), and Service Providers (1).

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Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF’s mission is to achieve the prioritisation and acceptance for solar heat as a key element for sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and to work for the implementation of all necessary steps to realise the high potential of solar heat. With members in more than 15 European countries, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly over 90% of the industry, across the value chain

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