Press Releases A new milestone in Atlas history!

A new milestone in Atlas history!

A new milestone in Atlas history!

Atlas International Culture has known a constant growth since its inception in 2013. Starting with small projects, we have managed to climb the ladder and grow into a “one of a kind company” in its fields of expertise, meaning PR, tourism, cultural and business consultancy.

We are now a trusted power house of creativity and consultancy both in the private and public sectors, as well as a manager for international events across Europe and diplomatic events for the European and Chinese institutions in prestigious venues.

While we are always eager to get involved in new projects and meet new partners, we never lose sight of what constitutes our company’s DNA, meaning the building up of the access to Culture for everyone  and the mobility between peoples.

All of this hard work and perseverance finally led us to this very moment, on which we are extremely proud to announce that Atlas International Culture will merge with the HiSeas Group, leading player in terms of European Destination Management and counting 800.000 nights booked in 2017, its 2018 goal being to reach the 1.000.000 nights booked in Europe. So, it is time to bid a fond farewell to Atlas International Culture, and warmly welcome “Atlas by HiSeas”.

With this merger, Atlas will gain access to an even greater field of resources and network, repositioning itself on the European Market and strengthening its position as the reference company for every Chinese related manifestation not only in Belgium, but in Europe as well.

Atlas and HiSeas will base its future perspectives on a new service concept: “Tourism + ”, making tourism and culture, as well as tourism and business, inseparable concepts and enriching tourists’ and business people’s experience when travelling. By officialising this merger at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the two entities have marked their ambition in one of the most symbolic cultural and touristic venues of Europe.

Looking back on our journey, we are proud and grateful. Thank you for being with us through this five-year journey.

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