Press Releases AIRE: Airlines welcome the decision of States to defer the payment of ATC charges

AIRE: Airlines welcome the decision of States to defer the payment of ATC charges

Eurocontrol Member States have approved yesterday a proposal made by Eurocontrol to defer the payment by airlines of ATC charges corresponding to the period February-May 2020.

AIRE members are very grateful to Eurocontrol Director General Eamonn Brennan for his initiative and to the States for their endorsement. This demonstrates that preserving airlines’ liquidity is of vital importance for their survival and recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.

The whole air transport value chain is indeed irremediably dependant on the airline sector’s health.

AIRE members are pleading now for the Commission, with the support of EU Member States, to launch a legislative initiative which will allow airlines, in the context of the passenger rights Regulation 261, to offer passengers vouchers instead of reimbursement in case of cancelled flights due to COVID-19.

Sylviane Lust DG of AIRE added: “Huge sums are at stake. Without a waiver of the reimbursement obligation, the cash drain will precipitate some airlines into bankruptcy. The European economy ‘s relaunch will need affordable movement of people and goods that only a steady airline sector will provide “.


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