Press Releases AnimalhealthEurope: Hans-Guenther Dittrich of MSD Animal Health elected AnimalhealthEurope President

AnimalhealthEurope: Hans-Guenther Dittrich of MSD Animal Health elected AnimalhealthEurope President

Brussels, 16 June 2021; Taking over the reins from current President Wijnand de Bruijn of Dopharma, Hans-Guenther Dittrich of MSD Animal Health was appointed by the AnimalhealthEurope Board and General Assembly to head up the association for a two-year term.

A former practicing livestock veterinarian for the German armed forces (Bundeswehr), Hans-Guenther Dittrich is a veteran One Health practitioner as his career has seen him spend an almost equal number of years working first with the human pharmaceutical industry before moving to the animal health industry. Having worked for MSD for over 30 years now, his passion lies in innovations supporting animal health and welfare that also facilitate use by the farmer, veterinarian or animal owner.

Commenting on his election Mr. Dittrich said, “I am truly honoured to take up the role of AnimalhealthEurope President at this pivotal moment for the animal health industry. Next year the new EU rules on veterinary medicines will be applied and whilst this aims to boost innovations in the pharmaceutical and biological sphere, our industry is also at the forefront of a digital evolution advancing better animal health care. We live in a changing world, and our industry stands ready to support changing needs through a wealth of innovative products, services and technologies both for livestock, aquaculture and for pets. By better connecting animal health and gaining greater insights through data analysis we can ensure more holistic care for animals, for people and for our planet. I will use my mandate to promote scientific advances behind healthier animals and will encourage a strong focus on fundamental research and development within a regulatory environment that enables the animal health industry to fulfil its purpose of providing solutions to prevent and combat animal disease in an effective, cost-efficient and sustainable manner.

Alongside Dittrich, AnimalhealthEurope’s Board appointed Dirk Wuyts of Vetoquinol treasurer for the two-year term. He will also be flanked by newly elected vice-president Dirk Ehle of Elanco and Jean-Louis Hunault from the French National Association, SIMV.

Commenting on the appointment, Roxane Feller, AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General said “Healthy, well-managed livestock contribute to sustainable food systems, and together with healthy pets, they can contribute to our collective health in the future. Together with Hans-Guenther Dittrich as President, I look forward to ensuring this message is both heard and well understood by EU decision-makers over the next years.”






AnimalhealthEurope represents 12 of Europe’s leading manufacturers of animal medicines and 17 national associations in 19 countries, covering 90% of the European Market. The animal health industry provides tools for veterinarians to care for around 700 million animals in Europe, supporting 5.7 million livestock farms and 85 million pet-owning households across Europe.

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