Press Releases Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue: Remarks by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell upon arrival

Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue: Remarks by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell upon arrival

Today, together with the European Union Special Representative [for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue], Miroslav Lajčák, we will be hosting a new meeting of the High Level Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

I am glad that it happens at the same moment that the European Union will be meeting with President [of the United States, Joe] Biden here in Brussels.

Once again, it is a pleasure to meet in Brussels, to welcome President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti – not long after their bilateral visits in Brussels at the end of April.

Back then, at that moment, I encouraged both to continue with the meetings of the Dialogue without delay and with focus on producing results, despite all the existing difficulties.

I know, we know: this Dialogue is not going to be easy. But this process and this sincere engagement by both sides is necessary for the benefit of people of Kosovo and Serbia.

Let us make it clear, the Dialogue and the outcome of the Dialogue is the path to the European future of both sides. And in the meantime, it has already brought important results for their citizens.

Let me give some examples: the integration of police and judiciary in the north of Kosovo into the Kosovo system, the collection of custom revenues from trade with Serbia, or the participation as full-fledged member in different regional organisations and initiatives.

The European Union and I, personally, we are invested to see rapid progress to finally leave the past behind, to reach a comprehensive legally binding agreement on normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and make the European future a reality.

There is a new momentum and we have to use it. There is a new momentum in Europe about the discussions on the Western Balkans and it is important for the whole region to seize this opportunity. An opportunity that is also an opportunity for the whole region, not only for Kosovo and Serbia, because the relations between both of them are very much important for the stability of the whole region, for the long-term stability, for the economic progress. Without an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, it will be jeopardised.

I am looking forward; we are looking forward to continuing the Dialogue with President Vučić and with Prime Minister Kurti. We welcome them in Brussels and let us have a nice, important and profitable meeting.

Thank you.

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