Press Releases Bioenergy joins the European alliance for Green Recovery

Bioenergy joins the European alliance for Green Recovery

Bioenergy Europe joins forces with 180 stakeholders among national and European decision-makers, businesses leaders, and trade associations to form a European alliance for a Green Recovery, an initiative led by Pascal Canfin, Chair of the Environment Committee at the European Parliament.

The European alliance for a Green Recovery calls for the mobilization of post-crisis green investment packages to spur a strong economic recovery as a response to Covid19. The alliance calls for concrete measures to protect jobs and to boost jobs creation and the necessary support must be provided to all the companies, regions and sectors that have suffered from the economy coming to a sudden halt.
Furthermore, the green principles around which Europe has built itself in the last months must be preserved. The green investment package must enshrine the fight against climate change and biodiversity as a key pillar of the economic strategy.

Statement by Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretary-General of Bioenergy Europe:
“We are living a crisis generating an unprecedented level of uncertainty. Nevertheless, we need to use this moment as an opportunity to rethink our society as a whole. Today more than ever, we need to exert our utmost efforts to ensure that the future of Europe is based on renewable energy. With 10,3% of contribution to the energy mix, and more than 700.000 jobs, the bioenergy sector is already a strong socio-economic reality and is committed to contributing to the post-crisis investment decisions needed to reboot and re-boost our economy.”

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