Press Releases BusinessEurope : Brexit: no-deal unacceptable for business

BusinessEurope : Brexit: no-deal unacceptable for business

Brexit: no-deal unacceptable for business

The European Council will meet tomorrow to discuss Brexit and a possible extension of Article 50.

Pierre Gattaz, President of BusinessEurope, said: “We are three days away from Brexit day on 12 April and uncertainty is once again growing exponentially among citizens and businesses. A no-deal scenario, be it voluntarily or accidentally, is in nobody’s interest and must be avoided.” Also in the future, a withdrawal agreement including a transition period will remain the only option to allow for a smooth exit and to pave the way for a fruitful future EU-UK relation. “Therefore, BusinessEurope clearly supports an extension on the basis of Art. 50 paragraph 3 and urges again both sides to do the necessary to make this happen. The extension should be limited in time not to perpetuate uncertainty for companies, especially SMEs, but long enough to allow for an orderly exit and a smooth transition to the future EU-UK relation. Moreover, the extension must at no moment jeopardize the proper functioning of the European institutions,” Gattaz concluded

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