Press Releases Celebrating World Polar Bear Day – February 27th 2023 #polarbearday

Celebrating World Polar Bear Day – February 27th 2023 #polarbearday

To give polar bears hope we have a song that exposes the human habits that need to be changed like no more plastic! Launched originally in 2021 in Belgium (in partnership with Good Planet Belgium) it took life last year with the participation of FEE  (Foundation for Environmental Education) and 140+ eco-schools in Portugal sharing videos of their interpretations and culminating in a top 10 winners that are inspiring, each in their own way.

The event on Monday at 16:30 CET will be a live synchronized performance, Edouard singing in France accompanied by students dancing live in Portugal and an interview with last years participants teachers and students. With the engagement from eco school representatives from numerous other countries the event will be issuing a 2023 challenge that will result in a global video of students around the world dancing and singing in unison to share their effort and give themselves and the polar bears a hope of a brighter future.

Edouard Priem:  Composer/performer:

Recognized in Belgium for his anthem of the University town  Louvain-la-Neuve and committed to using his talents to engage a global community in the urgent and necessary fight against global warming, plastic and education.

He sees polar bears as a symbol of endangered species and the unintended concequences of the bad habits of his generation.

Give Polar Bears Hope Project:

Music and words to inspire young planet dwellers adding fun and energy to the hard work of building a brighter future offsetting the prevailing ‘Doom and Gloom messages.

Polar Bear Day:

Initiated by Polar Bears International to coincide with the time of year when polar bear mom’s and cubs are snug in their dens and this year as part of the celebration is focusing on the need to protect denning families across the Arctic focusing on Bears and cubs.

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